Millionaires’ Club

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this holds true for the journey to workplace health and wellbeing. Millionaires’ Club will get your workforce moving, encouraging team work and communication, with a healthy dose of competition thrown in as well.

Millionaires’ Club is our 5 week pedometer challenge, where teams of 3 work together to reach a team total of one million steps over the course of the challenge, to become “millionaires”. The challenge is designed to promote incidental activity as well as educating your workforce about the benefits of all forms of physical activity, whether that be incidental, or regular exercise.

Participants track their activity levels each week, and receive a weekly communication with an update on each teams’ progress and information supporting the weekly theme. At the completion of the challenge, prizes can be made available for achievements such as the highest individual or team step count.

Suggested optional extras include initiatives such as exercise seminars/ workshops, exercise classes, boot camps and individual consultations with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist/ Scientist, to further encourage staff to reach their goals.

Participant benefits

  • 5 weeks is a great entry point into healthy habit formation
  • Competition can be a great motivator to make change in individuals ready to take the next step
  • Health improvements result from higher physical activity levels

Organisational benefits

  • Foster a sense of teamwork, friendly competition and communication within your workforce
  • Boost employee participation, engagement and morale
  • A fun initiative designed to achieve high participation