Nourish Me

When it comes to healthy eating, how do you know who or what to trust? Myths and fad diets abound, so getting to the truth can be a real obstacle for individuals looking to make improvements to their diet. Nourish Me brings together the latest evidence-based nutritional advice from Accredited Practicing Dietitians, and adds a healthy dose of workplace competition, to health your employees sort fact from fiction.

Nourish Me is our 5 week nutrition challenge, where individuals or teams work through weekly themed challenges – were positive changes are rewarded through a point system. Employees may choose to participate as individuals or teams, and will receive a logbook (e book or printed – depending on the option you choose) to track their progress along the way. Habit change can be assessed via the completion of a pre and post challenge nutrition questionnaire.

Suggested optional extras include initiatives such as nutrition seminars/ workshops, Cooking Demonstrations, individual consultations with an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, or a Healthy BBQ – a great way to celebrate the completion of the challenge.

Participant benefits

  • 5 weeks is a great entry point into healthy habit formation
  • Competition can be a great motivator to make change in individuals ready to take the next step
  • Health improvements result from improved nutritional practices

Organisational benefits

  • Foster a sense of teamwork, friendly competition and communication within your workforce
  • Boost employee participation, engagement and morale
  • A fun initiative designed to achieve high participation