Healthy BBQ

Integrating a health message into a staff gathering can be a great way to reward staff, launch or wrap up a health program, or simply promote good health. A healthy BBQ is a fun (and tasty!) way to promote healthy food and nutrition to employees, while in a relaxed environment. A healthy BBQ can be run at breakfast, lunch or dinner – whatever works for your workforce.

Our recipes have been analysed by our Accredited Practicing Dietitians, ensuring they meet specific nutritional criteria, so your employees can experience a healthy version of one of Australia’s most popular ways to cook and socialise.

At a Healthy BBQ, two health professionals (minimum one Accredited Practicing Dietitian) will come to your workplace to prepare and serve the food to your employees. During the demonstration, the dietitian will explain relevant nutrition information, tips and tricks, and ways to modify recipes around different ingredients, allergies and intolerances, and budget. Your employees will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy meal while chatting to our health professionals.

Standard BBQs are designed for a max of 75 participants, with one serving of the selected recipe per person. We will work with you to customise any extras as needed.

Participant benefits

  • Enjoy a healthy meal, while learning about healthy cooking options
  • Opportunity to chat to a health professional in a relaxed and fun environment
  • Take home recipe cards to cook for family and friends

Organisational benefits

  • A fun initiative designed to achieve high participation
  • Improved employee health through increased knowledge of nutrition
  • Boost employee participation, engagement and morale