Cooking Demonstrations

A cooking demonstration in the workplace is a fun, fresh and interactive way to promote healthy food and nutrition to employees. The aim is to engage staff through the senses, educate them through demonstration and motivate them through experience.

Our recipes have been analysed by our Accredited Practicing Dietitians, ensuring they meet specific nutritional criteria, so your employees can learn to cook meals that are not only quick and easy, but healthy too. Our Cooking Demonstrations allow your employees to be exposed to new foods and techniques, while building their confidence and expanding their cooking repertoire.

At a Cooking Demonstration, one of our Accredited Practicing Dietitians will come to your workplace to prepare a healthy recipe in front of an audience of your employees. During the demonstration, the dietitian will explain relevant nutrition information, tips and tricks, and ways to modify recipes around different ingredients, allergies and intolerances, and budget. Your employees will have the opportunity to have their questions answered along the way, and then sample the finished product at the end.

Standard Cooking Demonstrations are designed to be conducted for up to 15 participants, with 1-2 recipes demonstrated over an hour (depending on recipe type). We work with you to choose the best recipes for your budget, facilities and session goals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options.

Participant benefits

  • Increased nutritional knowledge
  • New healthy cooking skills
  • Motivation to try new snack and meal ideas at home

Organisational benefits

  • Improved employee health through increased knowledge of nutrition and acquisition of healthy cooking skills
  • Boost employee participation, engagement and morale