Manual Handling Program

Our Manual Handling Program brings a tailored approach to educating your workforce on safe manual handling practices. Through education tailored to the specific high risk tasks present in your organisation, staff will understand the importance of looking after their own health and safety, as well as that of those around them. Delivered by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists/ Scientists, our professional expertise are shared to improve your workforces manual handling practices.

The program includes an initial site visit to perform brief task analyses for identified key tasks, followed by customisation of the presentation and support materials so they’re tailored to your workforce, before presenting the workshop itself. The workshop consists of theory around basic anatomy and risk factors for injury, practical sessions to apply correct manual handling practices, and case studies for the group to work through together.

Suggested optional extras include initiatives such as other injury prevention seminars/ workshops, exercise classes, individual consultations with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist/ Scientist and our Warm Up for Work Program, to further promote a positive safety culture in your organisation.

Participant benefits

  • Greater understanding of safe manual handling practices
  • Increased individual ownership of their injury risk
  • Reduced risk of injury when completing daily tasks

Organisational benefits

  • Reduced risk of injury within your workforce
  • Develop a proactive attitude to injury prevention
  • Improved employee awareness and ownership of injury prevention