Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a tool designed to identify limitations and asymmetries in 7 key functional movement patterns – like squatting, lunging and pushing. These limitations may be in the form of a mobility deficit (i.e. poor flexibility), or a stability deficit (i.e. poor motor patterning or control). By evaluating these risks, your organisation can then implement other initiatives to reduce the risk of injury, by improving the quality of movement for your employees.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists/ Scientists come to your workplace to conduct 20 minute individual Functional Movement Screens. During the FMS, employees have their movement patterns graded, based on competency, symmetry and presence or absence of pain. Employees will be provided with a Functional Movement Screen ‘passport’, which contains their results, and recommendations for corrective exercises to improve their score. Additionally, any participant who reports pain during any movement receives a referral to a physiotherapist for follow up.

At the completion of the screens, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist/ Scientist will collate results to provide a de-identified report outlining injury risk across the 7 key movements, and recommendations around how to reduce these risks. Following the screens, we recommend individual follow-up consultations are made available for high risk employees.

Participant benefits

  • Personalised injury prevention consultation
  • Increased individual ownership of their health and injury risk
  • Personalised exercise prescription to improve movement quality

Organisational benefits

  • Understand injury risks present in the workforce
  • Reduced risk of injury within your workforce
  • Develop a proactive attitude to injury prevention