Health Expos

Our health expos are one of our most popular services among both employers and employees alike. A health expo creates the right environment to encourage participation and engagement in your health program, through fun and interactive activities for your employees to get involved in.

A health expo allows you to engage large numbers of employees in a short time frame, by creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment to introduce health concepts. Expos can be tailored to your company’s priorities, and can even be focussed around health events or themes.

Choose from a wide range of health testing and activity options to create a health expo customised for your organisation.

Health testing components Activities
Height, weight, BMI & waist-to-height ratio Ask the Dietitian/ Exercise Physiologist
Blood pressure Interactive stands
Blood cholesterol Knowledge depot
Blood glucose Wii Fit challenges
Sit & reach (flexibility testing) Cooking demonstrations
Plank challenge (abdominal endurance testing) Health Hits (30min education talks)
3min step test (aerobic capacity testing) Stretching sessions
Peak expiratory flow (lung function testing) Massage station
Grip strength Wellness wheel
Smoothie bike
Showbags & prizes

Participant benefits

  • A fun and easily-accessible introduction to health concepts
  • Employees can choose which activities are best suited to their personal health status
  • A great range of take-home information available

Organisational benefits

  • Ability to target a large group of employees with a cost-effective initiative
  • Themed events suited to your organisation’s priorities and strategy
  • Improved morale across the business