On-site Consultants

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to achieving optimal health. Individuals all come with their own health histories, varying readiness to change, and personal goals. Because making health change can be so complex, our consultants (Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Accredited Exercise Physiologists/ Scientists) are able to deliver a range of initiatives and programs across your organisation, to ensure there is something right for everyone.

Our consultants can focus on a range of areas across health and/ or injury-prevention, depending on the needs of your employees. Having an on-site consultant is a cost-effective and time-efficient way of tailoring our services to your specific requirements and provides you with a highly visible presence year-round.

A CBI Wellness Consultant provides your organisation with a dedicated on-site health professional to support company health and wellbeing or injury prevention programs on a day-per-week or month basis for a defined period of time (e.g. 3mo, 6mo, 12mo). Having an on-site consultant allows for flexibility, depending on your organisation’s needs, and may range from simply the delivery of pre-planned initiatives, through to the complete strategic development and management of comprehensive programs.

Participant benefits

  • Ability to access to a range of services when they’re ready for change
  • Tailored advice from a trusted, consistent and reliable source
  • Long-term support for health behaviour change

Organisational benefits

  • Best-practice, tailored programs which achieve business outcomes, including reduced health risks, reduced injuries, improved culture and reduced absenteeism
  • Ability to access CBI’s full suite of services, developed over 18 years, without associated development costs
  • Improved budget management through consistent monthly costs