Health Calendar

Developing a tailored Health Calendar for your organisation allows you to plan for the calendar or financial year ahead. Calendars may be tailored specifically around internal organisation themes, or aligned to public health days and months (e.g. Men’s Health Week and RUOK Day). Providing variety in the types of initiatives and programs means there’s something for everyone, year-round.

Calendars can be created with weekly, monthly or quarterly themes, and with any number of services available. We’ll work with you to develop a calendar which is specific to the needs of your organisation, factoring in any previous, current or planned initiatives. Where possible, we’ll also work with your existing partners and providers, and access free government initiatives to complement our offering.

We can also work with you to create customised promotional materials and a health program logo to build greater awareness within the workforce.

Participant benefits

  • Ability to access health information and initiatives of personal interest
  • Increased knowledge and skills in key health areas
  • Awareness of “what’s coming up” to be able to plan health goals around upcoming initiatives

Organisational benefits

  • Ability to create a health program suitable for the entire workforce, regardless of life stage, health status or health goals
  • Improved health knowledge, literacy and awareness, creating happier and healthier employees